We operate transparently,
based on proven know-how

Joint-Stock Company P.A. NOVA

We build trust
on strong foundations

As a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, we perfectly understand the needs of investors, shareholders and our partners in terms of transparency. Thus, our management structures, financial information as well as current and periodic reports are on display.

Thinking Eco-logically

To us, environmental responsibility is an integral part of our sustainability strategy and a real contribution to environmental protection. We systematically strive to reduce the negative impact of our activities in this area, comply with Polish and European environmental regulations and use natural resources sparingly.
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Awards and Distinctions
Joint-Stock Company P.A. NOVA

Plan > Achieve
> Control

We build our company’s development based on experience and expertise, but also on a thorough diagnosis of business opportunities, detection and elimination of unnecessary investment risks and analytical monitoring of strategic actions taken.
Joint-Stock Company P.A. NOVA

Quality Policy and Sustainability Strategy

For more than 35 years, our priority has remained the high quality of complementary services that we guarantee our partners at every stage of cooperation.
At the same time, we maintain economic responsibility, eliminate unnecessary risks and systematically optimise our management, business and execution activities.

Useful knowledge and news.

Czas czytania:
< 1 min.
Czas czytania:
< 1 min.
Zarząd P.A. NOVA S.A z siedzibą w Gliwicach zwołuje Zwyczajne Walne Zgromadzenie na dzień 15 czerwca 2021 r. o godzinie 12:00 w siedzibie Spółki w Gliwicach przy ulicy Górnych Wałów 42.
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2 min.
P.A. NOVA SA niniejszym zawiadamia – po raz pierwszy – o zamiarze połączenia P.A. NOVA Spółki Akcyjnej jako Spółki Przejmującej z P.A. NOVA Parki Handlowe Bis Sp. z o.o.
Joint-Stock Company P.A. NOVA

and Distinctions

We are proud to present awards that confirm our passion for creation and the effectiveness of our know-how. We have won many awards and distinctions in prestigious architectural competitions, which reflect our potential and skills.

You are welcome to work with us
under the guarantee of a responsible partnership

Financial Reports and Data

Tomasz Janik
President of the Management Board

Investor Relations
on the Stock Exchange

Beata Dworaczek-Straż
Head of Administration
and Legal Affairs

35 years of responsible

What sets us apart

We build trust
on strong foundations

We are fully aware that the culture of an organisation co-determines the implementation of business plans and objectives. This is why individual needs determine the direction of development of our company, which is based on responsibility and full commitment at every stage of cooperation.