Investors relations

History of share operations

History of share operations

First listing:

First listing of rights to shares ordinary bearer company P.A. NOVA S.A. took place on July 20, 2007. The opening price of the rights to shares was PLN 49.00 (+ 28.9%), and the closing price was PLN 46.00 (+ 21.0%).

P.A. NOVA S.A. were introduced to stock exchange trading on August 27, 2007.

Subsequent share issues:
Series / broadcast Action Type Action privilege Number of actions Registration date
Series A Name one share entitles to 2 votes at the AGM 500.000 2007-01-25
Series B Name one share entitles to 2 votes at the AGM 3,700,000 2007-04-19
C series Ordinary bearer 1,300,000 2007-04-19
Series D Ordinary bearer 2,500,000 7/8/2007
E series Ordinary bearer 2,000,000 1/21/2011
The nominal value of the shares is PLN 1.

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